Customer Photo Winners

customer photo of his wallet

customer photo of his wallet

two wallets by mr lentz photographed by a customer

Every year I put on a little contest of sorts with all of my customers. The idea is to photograph your Mr. Lentz leather goods purchase and show how it’s ageing over time. This year we had quite a few submissions and I decided to hand out a free luggage tag to those who participated, plus – I wanted to pick the five best shots to receive a free new wallet of their choice. Well… here are this years winners. Above is a great shot of a nicely aged card wallet on the left and a fairly new one (different style) on the right. The patina that develops on this leather is quite amazing. Thanks Mrs. SPO! I cut no corners here and only buy the best Full-Grain Vegetable Tanned leather produced in the U.S.

customer photo of his wallet

I love the manliness of this shot above – can’t beat showing off your wallet with a bunch of socket wrenches! Thanks WL !

a mr lentz wallet from a customer

This wallet above apparently took quite a bit of abuse in combat training…but it still looks to be in great shape. Thanks Liam! Perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t use stitching in my wallets…there’s really nothing to wear out.

Customer shot of mr lentz wallet

Here’s a nice close-up where you can really see the grain of the leather. When you use Full-Grain wallets a lot the become polished smooth and can become a little shiny. Thanks Ben!

Mr Lentz Customer photo of wallet and belt

Here’s a nice ‘pocket dump’ from Andrew, plus a belt he’s been using for a few years now. Looks like things are working well for ya – thanks Andrew!

All winners will be announced daily on Instagram. If you have purchased something from my shop and would like to submit a photo, just post it to Instagram, tag @MrLentzShop and #MrLentzCustomer   and write about something you liked about the item.

Cheers to everyone and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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