The Calming Effect of the Woods

glass smooth lake in the fall

glass smooth lake in the fall

bark of a large tree in the woods

One of the most incredible parts of moving the workshop up to the Pacific Northwest is of course – being closer to nature. Being surrounded by forests gives the opportunity to escape out on a hike during a break or after the workday ends.

single tree in the woods

I really don’t know of anything else that has a more calming effect than walking through the woods. Maybe it’s the quiet, or the green, or smell of damp soil. What ever it is that’s out there has the same effect on me every time.

fall color explosion in the woods

Even after a stressful day (yep leatherworkers have those too sometimes!), a walk through these woods will put the mind at ease. I think that was the hardest part about living in the Southwest for several years – it’s getting crowded down there and you have to travel further and further to get out into the peaceful outdoors. I think a lot of people get used to that and may not realize how incredible it is to be out on a quiet trail, whether in the desert, mountains, forest or coast.

calm ferns growing ona treeIt’s also nice to stop more often on a hike and try to take a closer look at what’s around me. There’s a lot of life out here growing on every imaginable inch. The closer you look, the more you see.

path through the wods in the pacific northwestWe are currently approaching the holiday season here in the U.S. and all I can say is – if you can, try to get out onto a quiet trail whenever you can. It’s the best medicine for the mind and it’ll reset you in a way that nothing else can.

pacific northwest forest


mushroom varieties in the pacific northwest

still lake at sunset in the forest

fall leaves color changing

glass smooth lake in the fall

ducks swimming in a small lake in the forest

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