Photos from our Customers

Every year I ask my customers to send in photos of their wallets to see how they are doing. This will be the third year running the submission and it’s arguably something I look forward to quite a bit. Below are some shots from last year’s submission. It’s great to see how the leather is ageing in very unique ways for everyone. The type of leather I use is called Full-Grain Vegetable-Tanned and it develops a very rich patina with time. Some things that affect this patina are: exposure to sunlight, oils in your hand, rubbing in the pocket, and any surfaces it touches along the way. Over time the wallet can get rubbed into a very shiny looking leather. It’s tough stuff and only looks better with time.

From Andy KB // 42 months of use on that lower left one
William J. // 24 months // Sun Tanned Natural
Tom L. // 4 months // Sun Tanned Natural
Rustam A. // 24 Months // Western Brown
Peyton H. // 16 months // Sun Tanned Natural
Jeff S. // 26 months // Sun Tanned Natural
Jeff H. // 23 months // Desert Night Dark
Greg B. // 36 months // Sun Tanned Natural
Glenn F. // 6 months // Sun Tanned Natural
David S. // 6 months // Western Brown
David D. // 12 months // Western Brown
C. Grantham // 23 months of use // Western Brown

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