New Leather Belt Designs

aged leather belt example

aged leather belt example

All new belt designs have hit the shop. By late spring this year I had finished up the re-design of my belt line. I did a number of things to make these belts the last you will ever need. They are now all cut from 12 oz leather, and for those of you that aren’t familiar…it’s thick. It’s the real deal stuff – no need to sew two thin pieces of leather together to make it either (as most manufacturers do). There is basically nothing on this belt that can wear out. All buckles are solid brass and come with two finish options – polished brass or nickel plated. Even the snaps used on them are solid brass, yep we don’t mess around here! I hand cut them on a per order basis, so once you get your measurement (use the chart instructions on the product page) and place your order, I get working at cutting the strap from a large roll of leather. The image above shows how the leather will develop a patina over time. Pretty nice!

leather belt color choices

As always I offer three color options, the Sun Tanned Natural and Western Brown will darken with time and show a beautiful patina. Both sunlight and handling will affect the patina.

thick leather belt

To help get a better idea of how thick the leather I use is – it’s about 3 quarters stacked. What most people don’t realize about belts you purchase at large department stores is that they are typically two thin pieces of ‘bonded leather’ (scrap leather ground into bits and re-glued into sheets), sewn together and sandwiching a thin piece of cardboard in between for bulk. Yes…cardboard! It will appear shiny and bulky at first glance, but trust me you don’t want a belt with cardboard inside. My belts are one piece only and without stitching…there’s no stitching to break!

back of leather belt

The back side gets my company logo and unique sequential number stamp. Above the stamp is where your personalization will go if you choose to add one.

leather belt buckle options

On the single hole designs I have added several buckle options for all types. It’s hard to tell from the photo – but the Miner option is a roller bar buckle.

double tongue leather belt color options

One of the new designs is a double hole belt. I make these in two width options, 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches.

brown double tongue belt

change out belt buckle

All belt buckles are secured with solid brass snaps so you can change yours out at any point or use your own.

hole extension for double tongue belts

On the double hole belts – you can opt to have the holes extend for the length of the belt. Just let me know in the order comment section at checkout.

brown wide leather belt on pants

Above is a shot of the larger width belt. It’s a beefy 1.75 inches wide and looks nice on a pair of jeans.

leather belt conditioner

Every belt ships with a free tin of my shop made leather conditioner. It’s all natural and you can use it from time to time to keep those leather fibers in good shape. Check out all belt options in the shop right here.

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