All Moved In

It’s been a few weeks now since the moving truck arrived and things are finally starting to fall back in place. It took a while but the workshop is fairly put together at this point. I can’t fully unbox things quite yet as we will be doing a little electrical work to get a lot of the outlets into a safe working condition. After that it’ll be time to insulate…glad I moved up here in the summer though as that bought me a bit of time to get this all done. As of this week we have caught up with orders, thanks to my lovely girlfriend Kristen. She’s been helping out quite a bit and I am training her up to be another wallet wrangler. I should do a little introductory post on her in a short bit here.

A few of my footpresses ready for action.

I set up the wood workbench near a window…finally get a view while I work. The last shop didn’t quite have that appeal, with no real windows it was like working out of a cave. The shop needs a bit of work though – I have to figure out how to light from a 20 foot ceiling. Not quite sure what the best method is yet since I may be re-arranging the space again at some point. It’s not like I have a giant A-frame ladder to make adjustments at ceiling height either. I’ll have to think about that one!

Outside the shop is pure beauty. We live on a few acres out in the woods and if I don’t keep things trimmed back…perhaps the workshop itself will get swallowed up.


As anyone from the Pacific Northwest may know – these blackberry bushes have basically overtaken the area. They grow faster than you can cut them down and kind of take over everything if you don’t manage them. This summer we might let them be and enjoy the fruit, but pretty soon it’ll be chopping time.

Here’s an old logging bridge on the property. It too is slowly being swallowed by the forest. I have plans to outfit it with some wood planks and make a nicer looking footbridge.

I still can’t get over how beautiful it is up here. So green, lush and sunny (at least for now!). It has been a good change of pace too – the post office where I make my dropoff is happy to receive mail! Something I had yet to experience in bigger cities. Life seems a little bit better up here, I will keep y’all posted on my projects both in the shop and on the land. Coming up next…the final installment on the Moccasin DIY, Part 3!

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