Setting Up Shop

After a few weeks of packing up the shop and tying up loose ends in the dusty winds of the desert southwest…we have finally made it up to the new Ranch here in Washington State. Well – it’s currently a ranch without any animals except the wandering deer, rabbits and perhaps a cougar lurking in the back part of the property! Above is a look at the new space we will be moving into. Basically a bare-bones steel workshop with a concrete floor and a bit of um, DIY electrical? I’m going to have to get that fixed up.

Looks like the place is going to need some TLC too. A furnace, insulation and some sort of water system. Well in short there’s a lot to do! The good news is that part of the workshop just arrived today so I have a few benches, and shelves set up. The second shipment should arrive on Friday, but boy did we have some trouble with those ‘professional’ movers.

As far as orders are concerned if all goes well at this point I should be up and running on Monday and will begin making and shipping orders in the order that they were placed. I am thankful to have the helping hand of my lady who’ll be helping out around here for a bit as my second in command Ranch Hand, it’s making things run a lot smoother. Thank you all for your patience during this – it was quite the undertaking getting this shop all packed up and moved as well as checking off every other item that is part of a move out of state.

Washington so far is incredibly beautiful. What a perfect time to get here, just when the rain has basically stopped for the next few months! I know quite a few of my customers and readers are up here and boy – what a lucky crowd. Anyhow, back to enjoying the calm before the storm! Below is a view out the back door of the shop:

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