Concealed Wallet

concealed carry wallet

concealed carry wallet

The newest design to hit the shop this past weekend: The Concealed Wallet. It’s exactly that, concealed and safe from pickpockets. Designed with a simple strap that snaps around your belt with two solid brass snaps, the wallet then drops behind your pants keeping your cash and cards safe from prying hands. The idea for this came about after I found myself traveling in different cities with a higher likelihood of being in large crowds. Another perfect use for this security travel wallet would be during a night out at the bar or concert.

concealed travel wallet

The exterior of the Full-Grain Leather concealed wallet was made so that there are no edges to catch while slipping into your pants. Double brass snaps also help to secure the contents inside.

This concealed travel wallet can hold around 7 cards, or 5 to 6 with some cash.


concealed carry wallets

Available in three natural colors, I also have a version without the strap if you prefer to use this just as a regular card wallet.

concealed wallet steps

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