Getting Out

For all the misery that a mosquito can cause, it sure can keep you in the present. Have you ever been lost in thought about the future? Or maybe a bit stuck overthinking an event in the past? My advice – go find some mosquitoes, they will make you forget all that.

Mosquitoes will limit your thoughts to only what is happening right now. You see, this little bug has an endless urge to land on any of your exposed skin and take your blood. It’s in our nature to keep that from happening, so when 100’s or even 1,000’s descend on you when you’re out in the woods – you have no choice but to fight them off. Everything else goes out the window and an intense focus ensues, you must avoid their needles. You must move, swat and sway constantly. You divert their paths, dodge them, and blow them away, but one thing you do not do is think about anything else.

That’s the conclusion I have come to while out in the Sawtooth Wilderness of central Idaho this past week – enjoying the eclipse with my girlfriend. Yep – mosquitoes do have a point in life after all, and it’s a positive one. So the next time you find yourself frustrated, annoyed and overwhelmed by their persistence… remember the subtle rejuvenating effect that they are having on you. They take you away from all worries and keep you there as long as you can stand them. It’s nature at its best and it’s how I have slowly been growing my understanding of why I love being outdoors so much. It’s the suffering as much as the views and isolation. It’s learning to appreciate nature from all angles.

While backpacking I am usually wholly involved in the route, the terrain, cooking meals, treating drinking water, setting up camp, hanging bear bags, and a lot of other simple and rewarding tasks. I’ve always loved all that for what it is, simple things that while keeping me busy are also fairly important for a successful journey. I tend to feel more human when I am out there, perhaps it’s just being in the sunlight and the wind. Maybe it’s waking up in the middle of the night and walking out under the stars. You tend to get this feeling of being more connected with the earth itself, like you belong here. That feeling was well-amplified during the eclipse this trip. It’s almost kind of weird to feel more, well – human.

That said – I am back in the shop. There was a short delay there in orders, but we should be all caught up now. In the works over the next week or so – a brand new bag design, the biggest yet! It’s kind of like a large briefcase, plenty of room to fit it all. Also – some new interior storage options for all of my bag designs. It’s an optional addon to help keep the interiors organized. Come on back towards the end of next week and I should have some more news on that end. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Getting Out

  1. Andi Cacciatore says:

    You’re right about the mosquitoes! Just thinking about the times I’ve been swarmed by them in the past has taken my mind off the troubles of today!
    I’m wondering how you could take your eyes off of the magnificent scenery long enough to watch the eclipse? Your photography is just beautiful. Thank you for your unique and positive insights on a usually very negative insect’s purpose! Have a nice weekend

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      Oh yes the scenery was absolutely incredible! It really is amazing what you will find by just hiking in a bit into the mountains. A lot of the really good stuff tends to be just out of reach of the average day hiker, so if you can pack in a tent and sleeping bag, you can find some very amazing things. Have a great weekend as well!

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