Leather Dog Collars and Leashes

leather dog collar for small dogs

Small Leather Dog Collar (Dogs up to 15 lbs.)

I just finished designing a new line of leather dog collars and leather leashes. Now there’s a style made for every size of dog with the width of the collar to match. In this new series of dog gear I spent several months sourcing and testing the materials to get it just right. I am now using a new type of leather just for dog collars and leashes, called U.S. Full-Grain Latigo. Latigo leather is typically used in the horse saddle industry due to its extreme durability, resistance to stretch, water resistance and flexibility.

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leather dog collar for small dogs

It is stuffed full of high-end wax and oils to keep the leather fibers strong and holding up in the longrun. You wont have to remove the collar when your dog wants to jump in that lake either. This collar will shed off water like a raincoat. The next big feature of all of my leather dog gear is the stainless steel hardware. It is the strongest type of metal you can get for use in buckles, D-rings, keepers and O-rings. To be quite honest, you should only buy dog gear made with Latigo leather and stainless steel hardware, it’s just built to last. leather dog collar for medium dogsMedium Leather Dog Collar (dogs 10 to 55 lbs.)

I rivet together each piece with an extremely durable type of rivet called a solid drilled brass rivet. These rivets are not too commonly used simply because other makers just don’t know about them. They are difficult to set, but once in place they are extremely strong. Much more so than a typical rivet and especially more so than stitching. leather dog collar for medium dogs

The collar shown above uses 8 solid drilled brass rivets that will stand up to even the toughest of medium dogs.leather dog collar for large dogs

Above is a 1.5 inch wide collar meant for large dogs (40 to 90 lbs.)leather dog collar for medium dogs

.leather dog collar for large dogs

Available in 2 color options. High quality Latigo leather is usually only available in these two colors, so if you see any exotic colors out there, you certainly should question the quality.large leather dog collar for strong dogs

I created this extra strong large dog collar for those that have very strong pets. Dobermans, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and any other very large breed will fit well into this collar. It is 1.75 inches wide and features a double tongue roller buckle of stainless steel. Everything is riveted in place with 12 solid brass drilled rivets.large leather dog collar for strong dogs

.leather dog leash for small dogs

A new feature of my Latigo line of leashes is that I offer custom lengths. This is not typical of handmade leather leashes and allows you to get a length just right for the size of your pet and the style you walk with. Shorter dogs typically require longer leashes and vice versa.leather dog leash for small dogs

Though every piece of leather is already full of wax and oil, I still ship each collar and leash with a tin of my own all natural leather conditioner. If you see heavy use and the collar tends to get wet a lot, you may consider applying a thin coat of this every now and then to replenish lost oils and wax. It’s very easy and I have a short video and info on how to do that here.leather dog leash for small dogs

Each leash comes with stainless steel clips and O-rings. The O-ring allows you to clip your dog to a post when you need to walk away, say for your morning cup of coffee.leather dog leash for large dogs

The image above shows a leash meant for medium and large dogs. leather dog leash for small dogs

Every leash is made from thick leather, I do not stitch several thin layers together as do other companies out there. Thick leather like this resists stretching and will hold on strong.leather dog leash for large dogs

To see the entire collection of leather dog collars and leashes click here.

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