Wallet Selfies in the Woods

leather wallet selfie

leather wallet selfie

Wallets tend to travel as much as we do. I took mine on a quick backpacking trip in the high Sierra mountains. Not exactly the most practical thing to carry, but I thought it might make for a few fun shots. Here are the most scenic spots, of course the Minimal Leather Wallet – Extra is at center focus.

Leather Wallet over lake

That really is the color of the lake, no joke. It felt like a tropical ocean in the middle of the mountains. And nope, I ain’t givin’ away the location!

Leather wallet and lake

This area wasn’t quite as tropical, more apocalyptic. Up near Mammoth, CA there is a lake or two that suffers from high levels of carbon dioxide off-gassing from an earthquake years ago. Aparently it causes the lake to drain and vegetation around it to die off. Well, the wallet went there too.

Leather wallet with Aspen Trees

Aspen trees are one of my favorite parts of getting into the back-country. They make this soft relaxing noise as the wind passes through their leaves. They usually grow in large clusters and it’s easy to see through the forest when you’re under them, in case – you know – a stray cow comes barreling down the path towards ya. Happy summer, go enjoy the last few days while you can.

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