Belted Briefcases…and a larger size

Well, the time has come to upgrade my line of briefcases. After several fans out there requested a larger size…I went ahead with it and upgraded the fastening system to a belt design, giving things a sturdier feel and a nice way to adjust the tension for those who carry more. The larger size option will give you 2 extra inches of space lengthwise and 1 inch more vertical. That means y’all can fit yer Macbook Pro 15 inch laptops in there. These guys should be ready in the shop for purchase within a week – just gotta photograph them first and put up the new details.

Brown leather briefcase

One thought on “Belted Briefcases…and a larger size

  1. Timur civan says:

    Man, I could really USE this bag. I have the smaller one, and despite its beauty and quality, the fact it doesn’t fit my computer means it hangs on the wall more often than not. Looking forward to this.

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