Happy Holidays from Mr. Lentz!

Happy Holidays From Mr. Lentz

Happy Holidays to all y’all out there!
Did you know that this cowboy does hereby find himself sincerely grateful for your support this year and holiday season? Well..I do and I wanted to send out one last email this year to let ya know. So, thank you from the bottom of my western held heart. You, my friend are one heck of a Compadre.

As every year comes to a close and orders ramp up like a dust storm from the high heavens, I tend to burn the midnight oil and keep goin strong to make sure everyone gets their leather goods on time. I hope you were satisfied with my service and I do hope y’all come back again soon. Next year will have quite a few more bag designs and accessories as well as a handful of new wallet ideas. I will be looking into more belts and general all-purpose goods as well. My continued passion for leatherwork drives me to keep makin the finest leather goods out there.

Now quite a few of you who just purchased an item from me…as well as quite a few that have owned one for a while now, might be interested in how to keep that high quality Vegetable Tanned leather in good shape, so it can keep servin you for years to come. I’ve got just the answer for you, so if you’re ready – go ahead and skip on over to that page here.

As a final note, for those that did place an order this season you received a little somethin’ extra in your package. A card worth $10 to come back in the future. I sure would appreciate if you passed that along to a friend or family member (or heck, just use it on yourself). It’s an important part of growing a small business like mine. I ain’t lookin to get too big, just to have a solid following of good natured people that know quality when they see it.

Ok well the wind is pickin up out here and the darn internet is gettin all chopped up so I better head on out. I wish you all a very Happy Holidays and well an even better New Year.

Mr. Lentz

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