Always Learning, Always Experimenting

R0000142-2When making things by hand, I find that there’s always a challenge to overcome. Usually part of a process can be improved, quickened, and possibly even changed out altogether. It’s important to never stop learning your craft. I know I will never find perfection in the skill of leatherwork…but it doesn’t stop me from pursuing it. It’s just important to know that perfection cannot be achieved.  However it is possible to become more and more skilled in your craft over time though. In my spare time I find myself researching some of the same processes I am quite used to now – just looking for a different take on things to see if it sparks any new ideas. Up above is a rivet press of mine with an addon rivet hopper that I have not used yet. I haven’t quite found a reason to until recently and now it is taking me down a path of lots of research, questioning people on forums, calling up manufacturers, and watching videos. I want to learn this other way of riveting inside and out because…well I just enjoy the craft and want to master it. Leatherwork has so many possible paths you can follow, so much to learn – it’ll probably take a lifetime.

Be safe out there over the holidays, hopefully I can get another post in with an update on my whipmaking progress.

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