Leather Belts

leather-belt-simple_080__0007Well, almost a year after I first introduced them, then got overwhelmed by the holidays and put them on hold… belts are back! Super minimal, built with snaps so you can swap out the buckle in the future. Hand-cut, dyed, stamped, oiled, waxed, buffed and assembled right here in the workshop. Of course each one uses the finest Full-Grain Leather in the U.S. All custom cut to your specific size. Here’s more.leather-belt-simple_080__0013leather-belt-simple_080__0023leather-belt-simple_080__0026leather-belt-simple_080__0078

2 thoughts on “Leather Belts

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      Hi @Jagv71 – yes, go ahead and measure your belt as per the chart instructions image. Then take that measurement in inches and match it up with the corresponding letter and number. For example 38 inches is a B8. I do this to force customers to follow the chart directions instead of guess!

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