A Week’s Journey: The Desert Part 1

joshua-tree-wilderness_0100Out there lies an endless desert. Stretching to the horizon. The air crisp and dry. The sun steadily beating down all life. joshua-tree-wilderness_0092No real way to go but through the thorny brush. Dust rising on my trail, the wind picks up and I saunter onward. joshua-tree-wilderness_0111This is no land for man. Peak after lonely peak reveals the enormity of the path ahead.joshua-tree-wilderness_0138-2Careful foot placement avoids pain from below. Everything out here is sharp, protective and hostile – fighting for every last drop of life.joshua-tree-wilderness_0120At the end of the day, when the sun drops below the horizon and the scorching air makes peace with night a sense of comfort is found out here in the Southwestern Desert. Have a great weekend and remember to get out and enjoy some nature.

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