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It’s July, It’s Hot, and There’s a Sale

july sale stamped walletsHappy July to y’all, a truly good month for America. To celebrate I am stamping all leather goods orders with your name or initials for only $1. Yep, for only a buck you can personalize that fine piece of leather goodness. In other news, the Mr. Lentz workshop has moved! A new location with a bit more space, photos coming soon. Finally – be on the lookout for a couple new products popping up in the shop. There’s a big one coming in about a week or so, it’s a big step for Mr. Lentz leather goods!

To get your $1 stamped item, go ahead and order as usual, then input the name/initials in the addon box under stamping. No coupon code necessary! Head over to the online shop now to take a look.

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