Stainless Steel Comb and Leather Sheath

Yer hair gettin’ bushy? Need to corral up that ‘do? Well yer in luck because now you can do it in style.

steel comb and leather case

Sometimes that wind will blow yer hairs straight up to the backside of yer head. That’s where this stainless steel comb with leather sheath come in to save the day. You will be a good lookin’ cowboy again in no time at all. No need to don the 10 gallon hat to hide the mess. leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0029The comb – built from high grade stainless steel right here in the U.S.A. is sheathed in a handmade cut of leather so fine and minimal it’ll bring tears to yer eyes.leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0030leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0035Branded with the Mr. Lentz logo and hand stamped with a unique sequential number signifying the order in which it was made in the history of Mr. Lentz goods. leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0042leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0043leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0013leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0069leather-comb-sleeve-comb-switchblade-full-grain_055_0082Now available in the Mr. Lentz Shop.

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