A Respite in the Desert

Every cowboy needs a few moments to collect his thoughts. So, this one went out deeper into the desert. A few miles into the wilderness area inside of Joshua Tree National Park, under a full moon. The wind whipped, cactus pricked and luckily the snake did not bit.


The first camp was set up on a high ridge, miles from any trail and without the slightest hint of humanity in sight.

joshua-tree-wilderness_0040If you need a break from life, a chance to let all of your thoughts settle, consider planning a 3 day getaway to the desert, mountains, or plains. Get away from your daily habits and stressors. Even just 2 days out and you might even see a big change, go with it. joshua-tree-wilderness_0046The best way I have found to really get away and get some good solid nights of solitude is to hike out into a designated wilderness area. Get yourself few miles in and you may be the only person willing to make that extra effort and thus get the entire place to yourself. joshua-tree-wilderness_0128Make sure to bring the appropriate equipment for wherever you end up…but don’t take too much – it’ll just slow you down. Out here in the desert all I really needed (but did bring more) was a sleeping pad and bag, some grub, and about a gallon of water per day out. That’s as minimal as you can get and it would allow me to hike even deeper into the desert. joshua-tree-wilderness_0138

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