The Mini Leather Notebook Cover

It’s an early Spring out here in the Desert Southwest and with it comes a few early births. I am happy to report on three of them already, one for this blog entry and the two others later on when I get an extra second. No, fortunately I ain’t talkin’ about babies, and unfortunately I ain’t talkin’ about calves. Today I am talkin’ about the the mini Leather Notebook Cover and pen:

Built from one durable, Full-Grain, Vegetable-Tanned piece of high grade leather and cut down to the absolute minimum…down to the millimeter. The leather you see in the photo above is hand-dyed, hand-oiled, hand-waxed, hand-riveted, and hand-hammered into shape the old fashioned way. This is the way leatherwork should be done. You can visibly see the quality in each and every piece this way.


The notebook itself is a mere 2.5 inches x 4 inches, the perfect size to fit in this pocket-sized creation. The leather grips onto the durable steel pen and wraps it all up in a protective manner.

leather-notebook-case-with-pen-minimal-slim-022_0006This item was designed out of necessity. I was using just a notebook everyday, but quickly tired of frayed pages, lost pens and just the impracticality of it all. So – I got my neurons workin up in a good ol’ storm and came up with the simplest idea I could think of to house a notebook and pen. It’s practical – cowboy style, I’ll rest ‘er there.


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