A Holster Wallet that can also carry an iPhone

Leather Holster WalletThis early Spring brings yet another new design to the shop. The Leather Holster Wallet. I dreamed it up because every cowboy or cowgirl out there should carry a holster, it’s standard issue with the lifestyle. However nowadays you are probably better off with a modern twist on things, as the ol’ 6 shooter might scare yer neighbors.leather-phone-holster-leather-wallet-holster-052_0041


Built to hold an included money and card pouch that fits snugly at the top of the holster, and saves enough room to carry an iPhone 6 or similar slim items. It has a minimal belt loop built into the back that will fit any 1.25 inch wide belt.Leather iPhone Holster

I personally do not carry a smartphone on me, I did once – and it cramped my style. No matter – this holster will fit my old-school cellular just fine.

Brown Leather Holster Walletleather-phone-holster-leather-wallet-holster-052_0022leather-phone-holster-leather-wallet-holster-052_0005The edges are secured up with solid brass, nickel plated rivets. That’s one durable way to do it. The leather is hand-cut, hand- stamped, branded, dyed, oiled, waxed and assembled all in my workshop. It will definitely catch some eyes out there by high-noon.leather-phone-holster-leather-wallet-holster-052_0172Now available in the Mr. Lentz Shop.

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