Back Into the Woods



Last week I took a brief respite in my favorite woods. The Redwood forests of the Pacific Northwest. It was a camping journey, one to calm the mind and find peace before the major holiday season truly erupts in a fury of leather goods. My favorite spot to lay down the sleeping bag – a stretch of beach that roars with breaking waves, and backs right up to a major chunk of old growth forest. Taking this trip also meant coming back home after to a lot of catching up type of work. It was worth every second – and always is. So kick that fear about giving yourself a break, and go out and do it!Redwoods14_0020Redwoods14_0043Redwoods14_0061Interestingly this shot above of elk was taken at night with moonlight only to light up the prairie. It’s about a 12 second exposure.Redwoods14_0065Redwoods14_0071


On the first day out into the woods I parked at a lonely trailhead and made my way a few miles deep into an incredibly stunning valley of Redwoods. Then, out of nowhere from around the bend came this adult black bear. Steadily making his way down the path…towards me. Must be nice for him having a pre-cut trail. I stayed long enough to snap a quick few shots before turning back and beating the bear to the parking lot.Redwoods14_0099Redwoods14_0105Redwoods14_0112Redwoods14_0122Redwoods14_0157Redwoods14_0124Redwoods14_0195Redwoods14_0201Redwoods14_0209Redwoods14_0222Redwoods14_0229Redwoods14_0250Redwoods14_0254Redwoods14_0265Redwoods14_0280And finally – a moon-rise above the forest. Now back to cuttin’ leather!

2 thoughts on “Back Into the Woods

  1. Ang says:

    Such amazingly beautiful photography. While I do appreciate your leatherwork and admire your ethical processes, I always find your photography and the way you capture the light and landscapes very compelling.

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