Fall in the Adirondacks


Just so I didn’t forget that the rest of the world still has seasons, my girlfriend and I headed out East to visit family and take a short ride into the Adirondack mountains. It’s fall over there, and it feels it. A cold chill in the air, brisk wintery breezes on their way, colorful displays of dying leaves, and the crunch beneath my feet. It’s a thick forest up there, unlike most I have been through in the West. Lots of greens, yellows and reds…and dare I say ticks with Lyme Disease. I was acutely aware of this contagion by tick. Luckily for us out in the West it is uncommon, but be sure to check yer toes after a hike in the East. Below are a few shots form the trip, some farm life, apple picking, and hiking around the area. It’s good to take a break and get back in the woods.


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