Liquid Gold


Last Saturday I filled one thousand of these guys…


All in one day and all as part of a new idea I have about the quality of handmade leather goods. You see, high quality leather deserves high quality care. As such I decided to develop my own formula for keeping your handcrafted premium wallets, belts and more in the best shape possible. My handmade leather Spiff N’ Shine is all natural, mixed by hand, filled by hand, labeled by hand (ahem, with the help of one obliging lil’ lady and payment of an ice cream sundae).


This concoction is the same formulation that I use to initially oil and wax each piece of leather in my shop. A great leather conditioner made from Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, and Carnauba Wax – it is 100% natural and contains no animal byproducts…like mink oil. In fact – the truth is – I have heard great things about working with mink oil, but have chosen to stay away from it due to the entire, somewhat shady, industry behind how they get that mink oil (not good). As it turns out really high quality leather will break in on its own without the need to infuse it with other chemicals. It will shape to the person, develop a unique and rich patina based on its use and environment. The leather will age into a work of art all your own.


But back to filling tin cans. It ain’t glamorous and I should probably think about wranglin’ up some gents to fill them for me in the future. It’s  a tricky business and quite a challenge figuring out a unique way to keep the mixture hot and fill these tins. Every wallet and belt will come standard with a tin of my leather conditioner, as a gift as well as a guarantee that what you are gettin’ is the finest of fine.



6 thoughts on “Liquid Gold

      • James Shane says:

        Thanks! I’m looking to snag some from you as I have began making my own wallets recently. If you happen to start selling your concoction, I will definitely be a buyer!

        • Mr. Lentz says:

          I would highly recommend making your own. It is not too hard and the materials are fairly easily found. Search around the internet for a good recipe and experiment away! That’s what I did for a while until I found what worked well for me.

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