8 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Brand

  1. ilaria says:

    Hi MR! I’m an italian girl with a great passion for leather, I found your article very interesting as I ordered my first logo stamp yesterday!!it will be ready within a week and I hope it will work well. I ordered 2 size, one smaller for wallets,bracelets and small items and one bigger for bags. The bigger is not BIG, just 2.75cmx1.2 cm….I don’t like huge logos too!
    For the moment you can’t see the logo in the blog, I will public it with the next updatings…
    Great congrats for your works!
    have a nice day
    ilaria 🙂

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      Hi Matt – there are a few suppliers in the U.S. The best thing to do is google ‘electric drill press branding iron’. That should get you pointed in the right direction.

  2. Jeffrey Young says:

    Hello Mr. Lentz I’ve been looking for a logo maker like the one your using. to stamp my Kydex holsters. can you put me in the right direction on ordering on of these?
    Thank you Jeffrey

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