The Light of Day

A slow, eternal, monotonous creak. The turn of a doorknob. A hint of movement in the air, a breach to the outside world. A sliver of light falling upon the floor…there is life. There is…daylight. The date is December 25th 2013 and out from behind the shadowy depths, beyond view of the doorway, emerges Mr. Lentz.

He is…alive, slightly unrecognizable, and with the apparent glare of 1,00 cups too many of a highly caffeinated blend of coffee. He has survived the mayhem, the madness…the holiday rush of orders.

While the rush was entirely expected…the size of the rush was not. Mr. Lentz thus disappeared from all facets of public life and endured harrowingly long hours in the workshop. Starting in early November and lasting until Christmas day, the mere existence of daylight itself was questioned. From dawn till long after dusk the workshop was a constant arena of precise pandemonium. All orders ordered in time were delivered on time. All customers now rejoicing in their new wallets, belts, necklaces and rings. All coffee shops supplying Mr. Lentz with his daily dose of gallon upon gallon of coffee were sent into the fine frenzy of victory. Mr. Lentz, now awash in the warm rays of sunlight, declares himself victorious and thanks all of you – his fine fans, for your generous support this year. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!



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