Customer Love – Deer Antler Brass Knuckles

A few weeks ago I brought this item back from the dead:

The Deer Antler Brass Knuckles. Made out of fine Walnut wood, carved to perfection. They had been sitting in a box of past shop items waiting to be revived.

…and after a few exchanged messages from a Mr. Lentz Shop fan, Steph G.,  I decided to bring these Knuckles back to life as a custom order.

Steph loved them so much, that she agreed to do a quick improv photo shoot on her own, showing the Deer Antler Brass Knuckles in action. Here’s to customer love…

Thanks again Steph!

If you have a Mr. Lentz handcrafted item you would like to share photos of, please feel free to email me using the contact form above.

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