Walnut, Grass and Moss Rings

The Black Walnut Tree is a killer. You would never suspect that as it grows in your yard, it is also slowly releasing a toxin out of its roots called Juglone, that works to inhibit the metabolic functions of larger plants. Thus keeping competitors away by suffocating their nutrient intake.

Luckily, once this mighty tree is cut and harvested of all its goodness – it becomes mostly harmless to the human finger.

Except for those rare instances when a small ring is placed on a large finger therefore stifling blood-flow and increasing expletives.

The intent of the new and improved ‘Redwood Ring Series‘ is to build upon the past. Every time I look at my work I notice imperfections, things that could use a bit more finesse. This is the life of a creator – you will never be done.

In the past I had used plain and simple Pine wood with a walnut husk and vinegar stain. This worked for me back then…but when I ventured back into my shop this past week – I decided I could improve things quite a bit. After experimenting with several different varieties of wood, including cherry, oak, and maple, I realized that Black Walnut was the best of all. Not only is it native to the U.S., it also grows plentifully from the eastern plains west, and from Georgia north.

Black walnut is a fairly dense wood that comes with a grayish brown tone. All it takes is one light coat of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to darken and make the grain glow even further.

Each ring created so far is made with real grass or moss that has been dried and preserved to maintain its color and texture. The grass and moss is embedded into the wood and requires no maintenance whatsoever. Though you may want to rub on a little extra virgin olive oil onto the wood every few months if necessary.

All 5 new designs are currently available in the Mr. Lentz Shop. It takes about a day to carve out your ring, then another two for it to be at your doorstep.

6 thoughts on “Walnut, Grass and Moss Rings

  1. Miss Papote says:

    Ces bagues sont magnifiques! J’adore! Bravo 🙂
    Un petit message sur mon tout petit blog français…

    Theses rings are beautiful, i really like them! Congratulations!
    I posted a tiny litle message about them on my tiny little french blog! Thank you!

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      Actually – Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the most raw form of the oil. ‘Pure’ Olive Oils lets the manufacturer mix in other vegetable oils which cheapens the product.

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