Making a Metal Stamp for Leather

I like fireworks. Who doesn’t? I also like saving unnecessary trips to the leather tool store and petty cash. And I like to make things. I put all of these thoughts together this evening when I suddenly had the urge to accent my leather goods with a tiny diamond shape. The diamond is part of my look after all. Considering the sun had already dipped below the horizon and heading out 15 miles east through the valley to get to the tool store was a bit too much to ask, I decided to get moving in my workshop. The first thing to do – find a piece of metal that I could carve down to the right shape. I searched through my leather sewing supplies and came up with the perfect option, a wide and very sharp stitching awl. I have never used this specific awl because it makes the holes a bit too wide. So – I sacrificed it for the cause.

Here’s the fire:

Securing the awl tip in my table vice, I then whipped out my dremel and put a grinding tip on it. After a few brushes against the metal, I realized I had created a miniature fireworks show right in the workshop…so as any good Maker would do – I grabbed my camera so we could all share this experience together.

Steadily, with one hand on the dremel at 8,000 RPM and the other on my camera trigger I went at it. Slowly, carefully, checking all sides for evenness. Taking the time to test the piece out for its shape.

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I then wet a cutting of vegetable tanned leather and gave a few swift knocks, indenting the diamond shape.

The final result is exactly what I had hoped for. A simple, small diamond to accent my leather goods…and it was free, fun and easy to make. Currently I am working on a new series of foldable phone wallets, due to be completed with photos by next week – this diamond stamp should work perfectly for them.


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