Leather Iphone Wallets

Out in the super heated deserts of the Southwest – I traveled between cactus, scrub brush and rattlesnake. By sunset I had come upon the driest of dry plateaus and decided to plop myself down and take a look at the view. The desert that lay below me created the foundation of inspiration that would later become of the Leather Fugitive Series. For the newest phone wallet I have combined rustic cowboy country leather, with a designer’s eye for sleekness, minimalism and functionality.

The wallet is designed to hold your phone as well as credit cards and cash for your outing. It is extremely strong and has been double-stitched for durability.

Entirely handmade from high grade double milled, vegetable tanned leather. This wallet case is created in an antiqued and rustic style and is hand stitched, hand stained (with a natural eco-friendly and water-based dye), hand conditioned with Italian olive oil, hand rubbed with beeswax and formed to fit your phone like a glove.

Bring your phone back to the days of the Old West, when things were made right, tough and functional. On sale now in the Mr. Lentz Shop.

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