Moss and Plant Necklaces


The Redwood Series is back.

A few years ago, in the midst of a foggy overgrown forest, I unsaddled my horse and decided to take a walk. This walk lasted days, meandering through river valleys and steep, dense hillside. The redwood forest did not once fail to impress and inspire me, and so what started out as a trail of footsteps is now a journey into the handmade world of eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry. That journey continues today with a re-designed line of necklaces named The Redwood Series. Here are the first four of the series, a few more are on the way.


This design was the original idea for the Redwood Series two years back. The dimensions and materials have changed. It is now one quarter the original size and was designed with sustainably harvested wood, real dried and preserved grass, non-toxic water based glue, a water based wood stain, and organic extra virgin coconut oil as a final finish.


The pieces are lightweight and the chain can be adjusted to fit any size.

Redwood002_0003.jpg Redwood002_0005.jpg Redwood003_0002.jpg

Another popular design from two years ago. This piece features real moss that has been dried and preserved to maintain its original texture. The moss is generally very soft and will change depending on the ambient humidity level. There is no need to water or care for the moss.

Redwood003_0004.jpg Redwood003_0005.jpg Redwood004_0002.jpg

This piece allows you to pick your own flower or small succulent plant and display it in the miniature holder. Change it out every day to match your current outfit.

Redwood004_0006.jpg RedwoodSeries_0005-1.jpg  Redwood001_0013.jpg

The pieces are all packaged in an extremely eco-friendly and sustainable manner. I did this simply because packaging is a wasteful thing. The idea to have my line of jewelry ship in an unwasteful way came from past experiences where I have ordered items online, only to receive them wrapped in plastic, with plastic blow up cushioning, multiple plastic coated flyers, promotional material, business cards, packing slips and whatever else that I could care less about and had to throw in the trash. Everything in my packaging is extremely efficient and made from recycled materials including the priority shipping box, the 100% recycled paper stuffing and the 100% recycled envelope. Simply pull out the necklace and recycle everything else.


In hindsight, I am glad I took the time to improve my handmade goods. I have created them without destroying everything else…this is important.

Are you currently creating anything by hand? If so – have you looked into the process of where your materials come from and how they might be affecting the environment? Take a second to comment below. I will be happy to answer any questions.

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  1. benjamine says:

    hello, i’m very interressed by the moss & plant nackeless, but i don’t see the prices…
    thanks for answering

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