Holster That Convo


There it is…a faint buzzing. Nothing but a slight tickle on the side of your thigh. Or perhaps the sound of receipts jingling in your purse. It awakens a not-so-primal anticipation of anxiety. Something needs your attention immediately. It’s your phone and you are about to lose the call. But let’s say you are wearing the sleek, thin, and very High Plains Fashion… Leather Holster of the ongoing Fugitive Series. A quick draw and the phone is beside your ear. Instant convo from the side of your hip.


Built with a high grade of top-grain vegetable tanned leather, custom dyed, conditioned with olive oil, and waxed to a subtle sheen. The leather contains the original scratches, dents and brand marks that the cow received throughout its life on the high plains. Miss Dara Lynn West is the lovely model dawning both Fugitive Series items – the Holster and Antiqued Belt.


With the slightest flick of a finger, she releases the security strap and draws out the phone. This frame has been slowed down to 1% of its original speed to highlight the action.


The interior contains a hidden strap of thin pigskin to hold the phone in its place.


Designed as an ambiguous item of necessity.

PhoneHolster03_0064.jpg PhoneHolster03_0076.jpgPhoneHolster03_0070.jpg

Now available in the online shop.

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