Sometimes a photographer will only pick the very best images to show, highlighting those perfect moments where sun, wind, angle and pose come together. Well, I will have you know that this does not even begin to tell the whole story behind a real shoot. Sometimes the model gets an accidental sand blasting in the desert…or swallows a fly…or just simply can’t hold the pose because I am making some weird face behind the camera. Below are just a small handful of these moments, and now that I am making them public – I think I might save quite a few more from this year’s shoots for the benefit of you all.


^^Apparently the photographer occasionally opens his free eye to get a better sense of the shot…inflicting pose-altering facial movements.


^^While shooting Ms. West in The Great Sand Dunes the wind would occasionally gust to 65 mph, blowing her off balance and down the dune.


^^A rare glimpse into the pre-shoot preparation session.


^^The 1980’s came back and so did the strange bodily awkwardness.


^^Models will occasionally point out large and potentially dangerous wildlife headed in our direction, thankfully giving enough time for a quick retreat.


^^After a few hours of holding serious faces, the Ritual Chocolate couple couldn’t take it any more.


^^Summertime in Colorado can mean an occasional bug making a dive-bomb into your mouth. This shot captures the initial taste.

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