2011, ’twas Interesting

The Year of 2011 was a significant one for me. It was the year I decided to take one step back from the computer and two steps into my newfound passion of woodworking. It’s the year I decided to put doubts and second guessing aside – and just go for it. In 2011 I began to know myself as a photographer, artist, woodworker, writer, dreamer, thinker, pilot, rabbit breeder, illusionist, spanish speaking surfer, and lover of all things made by people who make things the way they want to make them. 2011 was the year of taking yourself back to the traditional arts, the hand made, the imperfect creations. In that year I inspired myself to work with wood, electricity, leather, jewelry, and more. I can only hope that my dabblings have helped to inspire you as well and spread your creations to your neighbors too. Below are some highlights of the past year…


Perhaps the most significant part of the entire year…my inspiration that would drive the majority of my work… The Redwood forests.


And of course, I emerged out of the Redwood forests into my very favorite and inspiring city of all – San Francisco. San Francisco played a big part in driving my Beast Series of Jewelry…due to numerous visits to local trendy taxidermy/art shops.


WearNature03_0003.jpg OrderShots01_0008.jpg WearBeast01_0017.jpg OrderShots01_0014.jpg

I started up my jewelry shop, that has quickly become quite a success – thanks to all of you!


A jewelry giveaway to celebrate my fans… with a second place prize of, yes, a fish for my tank!



The Friends Making Art Series was established, with my Sis The Welder Girl being the first, as a way to highlight artists far and wide creating quality work.



A follow up Friends Making Art Series with Ritual Chocolate…the finest handmade chocolate you will ever lay taste-buds on.


Tinkered with the creation of a cigar box guitar, a fun project indeed.



Electricity from the wind!


PhoneBeltCase01_0020.jpg SeeNature01_0053_Room.jpg  Briefcase01_0014.jpg BikeLight_0053.jpg BeltBuckles01_0057.jpg belt_Antiqued001_0034.jpg

A few new creations make their way out a bit late in the year.


Possibly the best photo I have ever taken.


A rejuvenating road trip/photoshoot with my Best Friend Dara Lynn West. As well as her first of many modeling experiences.


A good start for the Beast Jewelry Series photo shoot.


A Russian themed photoshoot to celebrate that absolutely butt-cold freezingness we are currently experiencing out in Ranch Country.


And… a sneak peak at an upcoming post. Shot in my other other favorite place in the world, just outside of Moab, UT.

Cheers to a new year of exploration to you all!! May 2012 be full of surprises.

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