The Fugitive

The Fugitive rode through the night. Darkness toppling from desert mesa to galloping horse. Only the twinkling of starlight led the way West. A land of lawlessness on the horizon and lawful accompaniment in pursuit…left in the dust behind. There was but one thing holding this harbinger of disorder together… his trusty belt. Trodden through sage brush and tumbleweed, it kept his britches on waistline. Not losing an inch nor tearing a pinch, the Fugitive’s trusty leather belt has survived the ages. Mr. Lentz now makes a historical re-creation for everyone to enjoy. The fine piece of leather pictured below started as a raw piece of vegetable tanned hide. Cut to size, punched, edge beveled, beaten, lacquered, beaten again, burnished, conditioned with extra virgin olive oil, and waxed to perfection. Now you can enjoy a piece of history around your waist… welcome the Fugitive Series by Mr. Lentz. Now available for direct orders through the online shop.

belt_Antiqued001_0040.jpg belt_Antiqued001_0034.jpg belt_Antiqued001_0026.jpg belt_Antiqued001_0009.jpg belt_Antiqued001_0006.jpg

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