From Russia with Deni

The snow is piling up here in Boulder, it’s cold, and the local reservoir is frozen solid. That typically means it’s time for a Russian themed shoot out on the frigid ice during a mild snowstorm. So… as the Russians say it best, С Рождеством Вас поздравляю. Счастья, радости желаю! (Take my Christmas congratulations, I wish you happiness and joy!)

Thank you to the wonderfully spontaneous Deni who quite last-minutely decided to tromp out to the frozen tundra and freeze her butt off for this shoot.

FromRussiaDeni_0011.jpg  FromRussiaDeni_0031.jpgFromRussiaDeni_0015.jpgFromRussiaDeni_0018.jpg  FromRussiaDeni_0051.jpg FromRussiaDeni_0055.jpg

2 thoughts on “From Russia with Deni

  1. Kirsten says:

    All of the pictures are lovely, but the last one in particular is STUNNING!!! I love how there are no footprints behind your model, her outfit is rockin, her facial expression is perfect, and the colors are dynamite.

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