I’ll Trade You

One of the most awesome side effects of creating items with your hands, is that you will undoubtedly find yourself mingling with others of the same drive and passion as yourself. When a stranger asks you what you do or where you work, try not to jump at the obvious answer in your head (at a computer for 9 hours for blah blah blah), instead tell them what you really love doing. Whether it be woodworking, sewing, painting…. or even creating the most spectacular dioramas out of paper and photographing their surreal nature. That’s what Elly Mackay of Theatre Clouds does with an incredible amount of talent. I randomly came across her work on her Etsy Store and knew that I had to obtain a print for my room.


So…I traded for my jewelry piece below. What an awesome trade!


Elly makes each piece in her prints by hand. Meticulously positioning, coloring and lighting every last bit. She is pretty incredible.



Thanks for the trade, Mr. Lentz is a fan.

3 thoughts on “I’ll Trade You

  1. Melissa says:

    I came across Elly’s work on Ann Martin’s blog, All Things Paper, in September. Amazing stuff. Then, just now, I randomly came across YOUR work on Etsy. Well, not totally random. I saw it in a treasury. And I’m in love with your stuff. The wood, the stain you use, the small scale of your pendants, and the moss. Oh, the moss. I love moss. Your stuff is awesome. Glad to have found you and your blog. 🙂

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