Experimenting with the New

I have been meeting a lot of new people lately, mostly because my ranch house flooded over the last week due to an overgrown irrigation canal (but more on that later – I have pics). Most notably there was an incredibly smart and awesome guy from Poland who shared his views on the economy, Polish communism, and Volkswagens… and then there were the fun group of dudes from Louisiana and Honduras that shared their insights into their homelands and local customs. Who knew that having my place flooded would connect me with so many stories and interesting insights into the world around us. I have not experienced that level of conversation with anyone since my travels through South America. It kind of makes you realize that if you stick to one place, if you think the same thoughts, do the same things day in and day out… that’s all you are and all that you will become. One dimensional. Life is about experiencing people, telling stories, taking risks, being proud of what you believe in, and most importantly being open to new ideas and ways of thinking about things.


I met a woman who has been opening me up to new perspectives. Showing me how she views the world, notices the details in the grasses and the way the moon glistens over a frozen puddle in the yard. It has been quite intriguing paying attention to a completely new way of seeing things, something that I have not experienced in quite a while. She has already been inspiring me to create new art and take a closer look at what I am capable of. Above and below is a one of a kind belt buckle I created based on new visions. I wont be making this piece for sale, but it was quite fun to branch out from my norm and do something very different. The buckle is made from a mix of wood that has an all natural and non-toxic stain made from walnut husks. The Scary Tree has been carved out of the wood and filled with acrylic, sanded smooth. The hardware on the belt buckle allows you to attach it to any belt with a snap-in connection. I am planning on coming out with a whole series of new buckle designs over the next two weeks. Almost forgot – the belt pictured below is my first shot at handcrafting one. It’s a simple design and one that I plan to expand upon and sell along with my buckles.



Below is another item that is way out of the norm for my pieces. Also inspired by this mystery woman, it may be hard to see in the photo – but it’s a handcrafted fossil made from everyday kitchen supplies and a deer antler tip. A lot of joy when into making this piece over two days. I love doing random things like this … something out of the box, unusual. Something that forces me to think differently and keep the creative process going.


Beast03_0007.jpg Beast03_0013.jpg

Don’t forget to surround yourself with interesting people. And never ever stop questioning your art and your abilities…this is what will challenge you to keep creating.

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