Buckle Up

My sister, the badass Weldergirl, makes belt buckles. So it naturally occurred to me, in sporting brotherly competition, that I should make some as well. Luckily we work in different mediums, she wins in metal, and I win with wood… so I guess it’s cats game. Just kidding… I have been wanting to create these buckles since I started to gain an interest in leatherworking. One of the easiest things to make with leather is a belt – minimal cutting and sewing. It’s a good way to learn some basics if you are just getting into things. Naturally belt buckles should follow, and yes I was inspired by my sis who made the belt buckle that I wear pretty much every day. Below I have fashioned 9 new designs as part of the Belt Buckle series for this season. Seven with the Redwood theme and two of Beast. Each buckle has been carefully handcrafted with attention to fine detail. The wood is strong and stained from an all natural and non-toxic concoction of vinegar and walnut husk. Of course the moss is all natural and has been dried and preserved to maintain its color. These creations are now available in my shop where you can buy from me directly. Each one is made to order, so yours will be created specifically for you. Check them out.

BeltBuckles01_0056.jpg BeltBuckles01_0057.jpg BeltBuckles01_0054.jpg BeltBuckles01_0046.jpg BeltBuckles01_0036.jpg BeltBuckles01_0025.jpg BeltBuckles01_0015.jpg BeltBuckles01_0063.jpg BeltBuckles01_0071.jpg BeltBuckles01_0073.jpg BeltBuckles01_0082.jpg

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