The Wooden Music Box For Your Bicycle


I have been trying to come up with a simple way to describe this new addition to my line of wooden devices, so far… ‘Wooden Detachable Bicycle Stereo for your Smartphone.’

What you are seeing above and below is a handcrafted wooden case that easily attaches to your bicycle. Inside the case are a few electronic components that allow you to plug your phone’s audio port into , in order to play your favorite music, internet radio, Pandora, Hype Machine, etc… all for the world to hear as you pedal gloriously down the street. When you get to your destination, the case can be quickly unclipped from your bike and carried around like a mini-music box of envy. Ride to the park blasting Marty Robbins, hop off and enjoy a picnic with the sweet sounds of Celine Dion (just kidding). Seriously, this case was designed to turn heads and get people noticing you cruising through the hood. Oh, and it’s now available in the Mr. Lentz Shop. Let’s take a closer look:

The case opens up via a simple latch, so you can occasionally adjust your playlist in case you happen upon a group of hipsters while blasting the Backstreet Boys. The interior is lined with extremely cushiony foam that will absorb the bumps, shakes and rattling of your ride.


Minimalist design with contrasting stained elements. I love imbalanced work.


^^ Here you will see the on/off switch for the device which is powered by a single 9 volt battery. The switch has two settings, on and very much on and loud – in case you get into traffic or want to show up your neighbor’s stereo system. (Disclaimer, due to the size of your neighbor’s car stereo, you may not be able to fairly compete, but it’s always worth a shot).


Brass latching and handle.


^^ A single hinge that has been inset into the wood to allow the case to close flush.


^^ Here is a closer look at the clip and latch that makes this music box so easy to attach and detach from your bicycle. The mechanism on the right clamps onto your bike with a simple p-clamp, leave there and forget about it. All you have to do is slide your music box into place and give the hand-screw a few turns, then you are ready to ride.

Now available in the Mr. Lentz Shop. Order direct from a designer… save the world.


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