Ring with Bone

A month ago a girl went on a walk with her dear father from the Eastern Coast. They slipped through narrow gorges, brushed by low lying pine trees, and trampled up steep traverses of mountain. Out of site from the civilized notion, a world of mystery confronted them…


Within hours, they confronted a large waterfall that fell from the precipice of heights not known. Under this cascade of trickling fury glimmered a single porcelain-white bone from a beast. An animal large enough to pass terror throughout the Northern Woods, no less. The girl and father decided to pluck this form of ossein and mineral matter from the rage of current and return with it to the small village of Boulder whereupon it was gifted to none other than Mr. Lentz…


And to what was he to do with such an extraordinary find? Why, no reason to dabble in a contemplative manner… it was obvious a Ring with Bone was in order. And so you see above the final minutes of creation where bone met wood met camera trigger. Below, a pre-bone meeting, whence wood had not been cut.


AnimalBone01_0004.jpg AnimalBone01_0017.jpg

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