Leather. One more dimension


I have breached another dimension…leather. And why not? Leather is sturdy, beautiful and timeless. Leather can be used in many different fashions, leather can be tooled, and leather can be used to augment woodworking projects… which is why I decided to jump right into learning all about it. Over the next month I will be creating a large dining table for my house which will in turn need very stylish looking stools. It occurred to me that it would in fact be quite awesome to upholster the tops of the stools with some fine ass leather. So here I am, starting from the beginning on yet another journey of learning a new art form.


…I decided to start small. Designing something that would be of use to me and hopefully others as well, and here it is – a leather phone case that attaches to your belt. The case is a minimalist design of my own, hand stitched with only slightly burnished edges for a more rustic feel. This case is solidly built and will last you until a solar flare knocks out all cell towers, thus rendering your phone useless.


Up next – a few more versions, wallets and belts…just in time for the season of giving. You can buy this item direct from my shop and it will be made to order specifically for your phone size.

Go to my online shop to check it out.

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