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Thank you to all who entered, everyone wins 15% off my online shop. Use this code: MRLENTZ15 when you order through the shop (use button in menu above) Expires October 7th 2011

Congratulations Mandy Spivey of ‘This is a Mind Gap‘….you win! I will contact you shortly with the fascinating details.
Second Place goes to Jessica Ch. – I will be contacting you shortly as well, start trying to decide on your favorite fish.

In celebration of a lot of incredible things happening this month…here is a giveaway! I am very close to completing a secret project that will attach to cruiser bikes, within a week or so of erecting and completing the windmill, about to start learning how to work leather, and on the verge of building new furniture for my house. In a few days I will also be posting the interview and photo shoot with Ritual Chocolate – a local couple who started an incredible and successful biz over the last year. So… let’s get on with it:

This month I decided to change things up a bit, and I think you will like it.

Up for the giveaway this time is anything $32 or under in my online shop! That’s about 14 jewelry pieces to choose from – so go check it out!

Al of the moss and wood pieces use real moss that has been dried and preserved, so there is no upkeep necessary. The wood has been stained with an all natural and non-toxic mix I made using walnut husks and vinegar. I really wanted to create something safe for people to be wearing close to their skin, and there you have it. There are two pieces that include feathers or fur, with these I sourced the materials from taxidermists that sell their excess scraps that would have otherwise been thrown away.

Winners will be picked at random based on the entry rules below.

EVERYONE: Just for entering you may purchase anything in my Online Shop by 10/7/11 and get 15% off your order!

Use this code: MRLENTZ15

First Place: Any item in my online shop that is $32 or under, you get free, shipped to your front door!

Runner Up: (This was so successful I had to bring it back again on popular request) You get to pick out a fish (from the photo below) that I am going to put in my fish tank. (Seriously I need more fish, the others are lonely)


How to enter: Each item completed below counts as an entry, yeehaw!

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3. Answer the following question in one sentence in the comment section below: What is your favorite type of tree and why?

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Yeehawwww – 8 ways to get yourself a custom made work of nature. The contest winners will be announced on September 30th by noon, so get up and get goin’. Remember – just by entering this contest you will receive 15% off anything in my Online Shop until 10/7/11, use code: MRLENTZ15

51 thoughts on “Giveaway: September

  1. Laura says:

    I just liked your FB page!

    My favorite tree is Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick. It is a beautiful miraculous shape and it has the best name.

  2. Kristina says:

    My favorite tree is the willow tree. Theres something very magical about how they look.
    Oh, and Im already subscribed to the newsletter and on fbook. Put it on facebook & twitter as well 🙂

  3. Maha says:

    Hello Mr. Lentz,

    I don’t have a facebook – but I tweeted! My favourite type of tree is the redwood tree (which is why i bought and found the necklace!)

    Why? Because I read the book “The Wild Trees” when I was 13, and their ability to be an ecosystem within themselves is magnificent. Plain and simple, they’re beauty, ability to house and create new species, and finally their age are the reasons why I am in school for forest conservation (science).

    Maha Mansoor

  4. Olivia J says:

    I already like your Facebook page!

    And my favorite tree is a weeping willow because the way the branches fall looks as if the tree is dripping down from the sky.

  5. Alison LoBasso says:

    Just liked your FB page.

    My favorite type of tree is the Weeping Willow. (Heres why)

    I had a real difficult situation taking place in my life and I was consumed in fear and anxiety; that night I was sleeping and dreamt I was walking the greenest plains and and surrounded by safety and beauty. The flowers, the sky, the air, the trees, all were in a complete symphony of Peace.

    I began to climb straight up to this high mountain and below me were pointed pines and jagged rocks and I opened my arms and took a rejuvenated inhale when the cold hands of a dark wind pushed me off of the edge and I look down only to see the very pines and rocks awaiting me.

    In the midst of the fall, I closed my eyes and said “Lord, I Trust You” and instantly the sharp pines and rocks turned in Weeping Willows and they lifted their branches like arms to me and caught me so gently and delicately lowered me to the ground.

    I woke up, realizing fear was the hands that pushed me over and if I were to Trust in my Lord, He will work all things for good. You can imagine that my present worries and anxieties were lifted from my heart.

    So there is my Love of the Willow Trees story.

    I have a Facebook but do not tweet, have a blog nor stumble upon.

  6. Caitlin Michelle (Zephra) says:

    Hello. I just happily ‘liked’ your page!

    Hm, trees. I have to say my favorite tree is the mighty oak. Just a tiny acorn to start and then, with the right conditions, grow to be a gnarled and reaching reminder of the great spirit in the Earth. When their limbs become so heavy and bend back down to the ground you can’t help but stand so humbly in front of it, in awe of it, feeling invited and somehow at home.

  7. Patricia Gugliuzza says:

    I just liked your FB page. My favorite type of trees are sequoia trees. I recently had the chance to go to Sequoia National Park and see them in person. When I was there I felt so immersed in nature. Sequoia trees seem so larger than life and towering over everyone (especially me at 5’0″ tall).

  8. Lora says:

    Hello there! I just LOVE your work!
    I follow your facebook and just signed up to subscribe to your blog.
    My favorite tree lately has been the Magnolia. I just love its deep, dark, thick green leaves and twisted trunk. And then lets not forget the giant white flowers it blooms in the spring! Just beautiful!

  9. Margaux Kent says:

    facebook liked.
    facebook post.

    love your treasures.

    My very favourite tree at this very moment is Maple. The reason: We are finally building a library in our house and we have decided to do it in maple for its ghostly creature who will appear when we put a special natural finish upon it.


  10. Michelle Repper says:

    1. Done!
    2. I liked the fb page!
    3. Dogwood- they are just classically beautiful- I love the flowers, the hue of the bark and the amount of foliage
    4. Shared on FB!
    5. Shared with my friend BunBun!
    6. Tweeted via MichRep
    7. Submitted to StumbleUpon!
    8. Blogged via That Vital Impulse!

  11. Sarah says:

    I just subscribed.
    And liked your FB page.
    My favorite tree is a crab apple tree because my grandparents used to have one in their front yard that we would climb as kids. Plus they are gorgeous when they bloom.

  12. Darien says:

    Love the cypress trees – along the Monterey coastline – they twist and move with the force of the elements….each has it’s own unique form.

  13. Asun de Megustaloquehaces says:

    Thank you for sharing your work with us, always a pleasure to admire and show it off would be a great luxury.
    In Spain you have some ardent admirers, the Megustaloquehaces.
    Asun points to is our go crazy girl and wear one of your fantastic pendants or rings.
    1. for newsletter subscribers like and blog.
    2. Your Facebook page I like;) and Asunción Garcia Sanchez o Asun of Megustaloquehaces.
    3. Our favorite cherry trees and almond trees by their flowers and fruit.
    4. Shared link to my Facebook friends and left comments on your facebook.
    5. Shared Megustaloqhaces link on twitter and followers of your page.
    6. Share link with a banner on our blog at the left side:
    We want your goldfish aquarium has more so this time we opted for the Neon Netra;)
    A healthy, happy and good luck in September for all.

  14. Sally says:

    1. Subscribed!
    3. I love cherry blossoms, they’re beautiful during the spring season and especially when they’re lined up along a row.
    6. Tweeted!

  15. Tanya M. says:

    I ‘liked’ your FB page and my favorite type of tree…
    I don’t really have a favorite type of tree because I absolutely love trees in general. The Redwoods here in California are spectacular and the Redwood forests about 6 hours from my house are my favorite part of the world. (Part of why I adore your Redwood series pendants.) But I also like Tulip Trees (a.k.a. Magnolias, I believe). We had one growing up and we would climb around in the spreading branches and “pet” the velvety petals of the flowers.

  16. Elke M. Gomez says:

    Seriously!!! I get to tell you about my favorite tree!?!
    I have so many!(I work for a non-profit tree organization!!! Yippeeee!!!! 🙂
    The Redbud, it has the most fabulous hot pink flowers in very early spring, I get so excited to see them because I know spring is here!! When not in bloom, they have the cutest heart shaped leaves!!! 🙂 Plain bark, so plain that one would never guess that the tree could be so breathtaking when it buds.
    And it has legumes, it’s a tree in the Pea family!?! 🙂
    P.S.-Sorry, I just read the request of one sentence, but I can’t help myself I Love Trees!! 🙂

  17. Thomas says:

    I love your jewelry ! Very Unique, Nice message as well ~
    My favorite tree is the dove tree, also known as the ghost tree. I’ve liked it ever since I saw one because from far away, it looks like a bunch of little tissue ghosts are sitting on the branches.
    Although the willow is my second favorite cause it looks sad, and I like that.

    I liked your facebook page,subscribed to your newsletter (hooray discounts!)

    blogged it: tumblr;

    Good Luck with Everything !

  18. Derry Smith says:

    What a nice shop!
    – I subscribed
    – Liked the Facebook page
    – My favorite type of trees are pine trees because they smell like Christmas of course!


  19. Shay says:

    1. Subscribed
    2. Liked your fb page
    3. I would have to say my favorite tree is the red wood trees and this is why:
    My best friend was my dog and the best hiking partner, we practically went everywhere with each other. Before she unfortunately passed away we shared one last experience together of taking off on a road trip to travel up to the red woods in California. They were beautiful and the biggest trees I have ever seen up close. I’m glad to have shared that experience of the beautiful red wood landscape with my best friend.
    4. Shared this page on my fb wall
    6. Tweeted about this giveaway
    8. And I blogged about this giveaway via Tumblr (I hope that’s acceptable :’) )

  20. Karen says:

    Ok, Dude, here’s my tweet, hope you like it!

    “Mr. Lentz is making these really cool moss and wood pendant necklaces and selling them on Etsy. He’s also giveing one a month away for free to some lucky person! You need to go check them out, they are so cool!”

    Much Love, Many Blessings,


  21. Karen says:

    Okay, here’s my “like” post of my Facebook Wall…it’s cool… hope you like it!

    This man makes the cutest little adorable moss and wood necklaces….
    GIVEAWAY: Natural Moss Necklace
    This month I am featuring an all natural wood and moss necklace – hand crafted to imperfection by me – Mr. Lentz. The wood is stained with an all-natural, non toxic mix created with walnut husks and vinegar…
    LikeUnlike · · Share · 15 minutes ago

  22. Karen says:

    Whew…. here’s my post on my friend’s FaceBook Wall…

    Elise, check out these adorable hand made moss pendants! The are the cutest! Love, Karen Ann Buckley
    Giveaway: September
    In celebration of a lot of incredible things happening this month…here is a giveaway! I am very close to completing a secret project that will attach to..
    LikeUnlike · · Share · See Friendship · 49 seconds ago · Privacy:Shared with: Elise’s friends

    Love Again,

  23. Karen says:

    Ok, Lenty Babe, I Facebooked, I liked, and commented, I answered the question, Facebooked again and commented, I Facebooked on my friend’s wall and commented, I shared this page on my friend’s Facebook wall and commented, I Tweeted and commented, Stumbled Upon and commented and Blogged on Digg and commented. So, please, please, please, send me one of those adoreable, cutesy little pendants! Love ya, Karen

  24. Kaylinn says:

    Favorite Tree- dogwood. The first house I ever lived in had a dogwood tree in the back yard, the flowers remind me of childhood.

    Love your site! So creative. Keep up the great work!

  25. Julia H. says:

    I liked your FB page, shared the giveaway on my wall and on a friend’s wall! I then proceeded to submit this page to StumbleUpon, but it was already submitted so I just liked it.
    I also posted the giveaway on my blog:
    My favorite type of tree is the Prairie Fire Crabapple. It has beautiful array of changing colored leaves and purplish-red crabapples. The leaves vary from pink-red, to purple-maroon, to green with a hint of red, and, finally, orange. I also love the darker colored bark.

    Also, I love your work!

  26. jasfitz says:

    Oh my gosh! Woot! Just signed up and all that good stuff.

    Tree? Banyan Tree. I discovered them first in Hawaii, and then in India. Hands-down. It takes me breath away—trees that feel a mile wide, whose branches re-root back into the ground aftergrowing dozens of feet outwards? Crazy. Crazy-awesome. They feel like you are interacting with the heart of the very earth itself: The grandfather of all other trees.

  27. lydia says:

    Hi there! I just Facebook liked and Facebook posted! My favorite tree is Walnut, not for the tree itself because they poison the garden, but because of the color and feel of the wood.

  28. Jessica says:

    OK! First, I like trees – like food, the aesthetics are too diverse to have a favorite, but i’m a big fan of trees.
    I have ‘liked’ you on the facebook
    i have shared this link on the facebook
    i have shared this page on the facebook pages of 2 friends,
    and i have tweeted about this giveaway (and i have only just learned to tweet)

    I do not have a blog, but i’m gonna use good ‘ol fashioned word of mouth ’cause this website is my new jam. thanks for being rad

  29. David Winfield Norman says:

    Hello, you have very beautiful jewelry. I liked and shared on facebook.
    My favourite type of tree is spruce because it is one of only types that can grow (with much help) where my father comes from in Greenland, there is one that grows in a roundabout across from where my uncle’s flat is.

  30. Cheryl Abbott says:

    My favorite type of tree is a weeping cherry because my parents have one in thier backyard and I have lots of fond memories there.

  31. Erin Prais-Hintz says:

    My favorite tree has always been the sugar maple. I love the deep burgundy color of the leaves all year round. I also love birches for their papery skins and the way their stark trunks light up the edge of a dark forest. I am quite certain that I am a follower of yours and get your newsletter (which is how I found this post!). You do some amazing work and I most appreciate your inventiveness and simple esthetic.

    Enjoy the day!

  32. heather says:

    my favorite tree is the tree of life by klimt. favorite living tree is much more difficult. it’s a tie between sea grape or mangrove (they’re very similar). to me, these trees represent happy bits of my childhood.

  33. shannon says:

    i’m so glad i got the e-mail about the giveaway! thank you! 🙂

    oh gosh…there are so many trees i love, how do i even begin to choose?! they are wonderful in so many different ways. i see that people have mentioned some of the ones i was thinking of: banyan, redwood. banyan, paper, & lauhala trees take me back to my youth. playing with/on them, using parts to create different things. and laugh all you want, i love coconut trees as well. i definitely love the coconut from the tree, but i’m always how amazed at how strong the trees are as they flex with the wind. same with bamboo i guess. i love the sound of bamboo trees when the breeze runs through them.

    Gonna go and tweet now! 🙂

  34. Jessica Ch says:

    Hi! I received runner up in this muy fun giveaway, and I have made my fish choice.

    Fish: hatchet fish
    Name: Carl G. Nicholson – GiGi or, well, Carl for short.

    Thanks very much, and I hope he makes an entertaining and valuable addition

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