Well, it has been a while since I have written a serious post, so here goes. Apologies to all you kind folk out there that follow my work, it has been an interesting month or so full of big changes in my life. My girlfriend and I decided to part ways and ride off towards opposite horizons after a mere 7.5 years. During that time we both remained committed to one another which made for a more graceful exit when we realized that the time had come. I am now swept into a world of wonder and curiosity, a new way of living that used to exist parallel to my own path.


I am on a road that leads West, riding unto the line of land that breaks sky from earth. Where new journeys are forged, friendships made and skills acquired.


So, as the title says, it’s time to Cowboy-Up. Always take life by the reins and guide yourself through it. I will be on a mission to improve a lot of things in my life including: learning how to cook some serious down home eatin’, setting aside quality time for my friends as well as friends to be, and taking a serious look as to the direction of my art and work (among a few other things of course).

So when life blows the tumble weeds into your path and your horse lays down in the sand due to exhaustion… keep walkin’. Follow the golden hue of sunset and kick those weeds into the dust trailing behind your boots. Every cowboy has a path to venture on and this one is headin’ West.


Thank you to the lovely Dara West for the portrait shots taken on our road trip to Santa Fe. I will be posting a lot of photos of her modeling debut over the next couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “Cowboy-Up

  1. Emma says:

    I’m most sorry to hear of your loss / glad hear of your impending gaining of awesome skills and directions… inspire of it all you take some INCREDIBLE photos. Your one talented man!

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