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I am feeling very excited for this holiday season. Is it too early? Not according to Michael’s – which is already setting up Valentine’s Day displays for 2012. The past week has seen a nice amount of orders from my Online Shop. I thought it might be interesting to lay them all out and take a few shots, plus give you a little insight into my packaging and shipping.


All goodness comes in threes. Starting with the upper left in a clockwise direction: three deer antler necklaces with a subtle curve that follows the breastline, three ‘reindeer moss’ necklaces inspired by how moss and lichen grows in the redwood forests, three mood mood moss necklaces simple and chic, one tall and one wide tree made out of real tree parts and reindeer moss with a grassy bottom of mood moss, one all wood ring with reindeer moss and subtle curves, one adjustable ring with a miniature wooden planter full of mood moss, three flower vase pendants to store your favorite garden varieties, and lastly a wood and elk hair necklace with modern appeal in rustic fashion.


Another angle to get a better idea of the shapes of these items. I am currently working on a photo series with models wearing the necklaces and rings. Currently I am half way through the Beast series.



Here is a little taste of how I like to package my orders. Simple 100% recycled jewelry boxes, a temporary tattoo to remind my customers to reuse trees when possible, and of course some snazzy labeling that speaks the truth.

OrderShots01_0024.jpg OrderShots01_0028.jpg


It doesn’t hurt to advertise yourself on the U.S. Postal service boxes as they fly across the country. Who knows what eyes will be laid upon these parcels. I always ship priority mail, because the worst part about ordering online is the wait. My boxes usually arrive within 2 to 3 days. Giddyup.

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