Two Beautiful Cowgirls


This is one hot, dusty and dry summer out here on the plains. I’m workin’ hard to keep up with them cattle runs, and them there rodeos. Last week: Cheyenne. This week Niwot and Hugo, CO. What better way to spend the summer than with these fine ladies? Here’s a little impromptu photo shoot out in Small Town America – featuring the women of Slice of Feist – Girls Night In. They are startin’ a business based around private themed parties for small groups of women. Miss Slice, on the left, is an extraordinary personal chef and pastry goddess. Country Leigh, on the right, can style up your hair like you wouldn’t believe, plus she is also an amazing photographer. What do these two mesmerizing dames bring together – one unforgettable night of pure rootin’ tootin’ pleasure.


I am starting to realize that I have created the best job in the world for myself. This coming friday we are all headed down to an extremely small town in Colorado for some rodeo action. For those who have never experienced a rodeo, or whom automatically set it aside in the category of absurd and cruel…you might want to think again. It is about a gathering of people and experts in the ranching industry that have perfected useful skills used almost every day in dealing with cattle and horses alike. Steer wrestling, bronco riding, cattle tie – these are all events that mimic the the actions of what real cowboys need to learn in order to take care of their animals. There is in fact one exception – ladies cover your ears – I am not sure they purposefully tie up the bull’s balls and go out for nice sunday bucking embrace. But hey – I am also not convinced that it would be as exciting watching a bunch of dudes trot around on giant docile bulls as if they were on their way to Sunday mass. So there ya have it. A wee bit more into the inspirational endeavors of Mr. Lentz. I love forests, rodeos, and of course – beautiful cowgirls!

Cowgirls_0044.jpg Cowgirls_0054.jpgCowgirls_0032.jpg  Cowgirls_0081.jpg Cowgirls_0086.jpg Cowgirls_0100.jpg

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