I Wasn’t Kidding


Here is the Guppy I promised to the 2nd place winner, Olivia, in my August Giveaway Extravaganza. This sucker took me at least 10 minutes to photograph, he kept swimming to the bottom, out of view, so finally I held him up to the sky and told him if he didn’t pose now, he would be living in this bag for the rest of his life. One thing to note: apparently Guppy fish breed like rabbits. Good thing I only bought one.

Olivia has named it Nova.

7 thoughts on “I Wasn’t Kidding

  1. shannon says:

    ahhhh…nova! congrats on the new guppy…and yeah, b/c guppies love to breed, when my son’s mini aquaponics system failed and we were left with the male guppy, we just bought two more males to keep him company (they are social fish) so wouldn’t have to worry about taking care of a who slew of them! ha ha ha!

    hope you’ll be able to share pics of your tank! 🙂

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