Bike Lights!

Two of the first orders came in for one of my first designs to include wood and electronics: the Vintage Wooden Bike Light. Why buy some junky plastic light, toxic to the environment and ugly to look at…when you could have one of these:


Built from scratch, sanded smooth, and sensuously soldered – I thought I would photograph these two puppies that shipped today. One is headed for the humid climes of North Carolina where it might be enjoying its days by the ocean on top of a shiny beach cruiser. The other is headed for Kawasaki-shi Japan. It will most likely be steadfastly installed on a very chic moto-bike to later enjoy trips on beautiful cobblestone streets. Each night when the user flicks on the switch and my bike light illuminates their path – a smile will shine across their face.

Just a bit more: the bottoms are affixed with mini screws so you can easily replace the 9 volt battery hidden inside. It should last many a night as the light is coming from a very efficient high luminance LED. To connect one to your bike, simply unscrew the wingnut and fit the attached clamp over your handlebar, then re-tighten the wingnut. All set, go get bikin’.   But first – check them out in my Etsy Shop.
BikeLightOrder_0021.jpg BikeLightOrder_0011.jpg

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