Raising the High Brow

Gettin’ a little bit excited about what I pulled together in the shop yesterday. Here are hand crafted pieces of normal, everyday wood – stained naturally to perfection and with a touch of moss for good measure. Made with cedar fencing boards that were hand selected for their grain pattern, and real moss that has been dried and preserved. The stain is non-toxic and is one of my favorite ingredients that I have made yet – including walnut husks, vinegar, black tea and a flax seed oil finish for a subtle shine and pleasant smell. Now that I know how it all works together – it’s time to raise the high brow and take this design even further. Now available in the Mr. Lentz Etsy Shop.



SeeNature01_0053_Room.jpg SeeNature01_0064.jpgSeeNature01_0061.jpg

3 thoughts on “Raising the High Brow

  1. Mr. Lentz says:

    I know! That moss is seriously inspiring a lot of work over here. It’s the redwood forests that will do it to ya.

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