Wear Nature, Part II


I can’t stop. I am channeling fungi. Moss is growing out of everywhere, and here are a few new additions to the Mr. Lentz, Wear Nature: Redwood Series II. I am challenging myself to stick to my gut when considering which design to create next. It is definitely a hard task considering that I might want to be influenced by the majority opinion on sites I am selling on such as Etsy.com and my own Online Shop. I think it helps a lot by looking over the photographs I took while on hikes through the forests.

I am considering posting a handful of those in another post, but for now I leave you with this: Remember when you had a summer vacation that lasted 3 months long. Remember when you used to hang out with friends out on your street until the sun went down and the streetlights turned on. Then you would incessantly beat that street light with a tennis ball hoping to knock it offline. Remember when you would tie string to that street light and run it over into the neighbor’s bushes, only to pull it taught as the kid who you knew would be biking down at mach speed passed by. Remember when you used to hail the ice cream truck then run inside and look out the window to see how long he would wait in case you were to actually show your face outside again. Remember when you used to play basketball in your friend’s driveway and every time the ball would fly off the court you would go and chase it into the garden only to break each and every sprinkler head by the end of summer? Don’t let this summer get away from you…

WearNature02_0048.jpg WearNature02_0056.jpg

Take a break, call in sick, plan a road trip…WearNature02_0085.jpg

This summer is yours…


Take action and do something fun, climb a mountain, go fishing, eat a crap load of ice cream on a 90 degree day…

WearNature02_0108.jpg WearNature02_0107.jpg

Stop reading these asides, turn off your monitor…


Unplug your phone…


And take back what used to be yours. Enjoy your summer.

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9 thoughts on “Wear Nature, Part II

  1. shannon says:

    stumbled upon your “wear nature” jewelry on craftgawker. i looooooove them. they are so beautiful! i will save up to shop in your etsy shop! 🙂 just gorgeous! 🙂

  2. k says:

    just came across your stuff on etsy – amazing, right up my alley. i spend so much time in and photographing nature, might now have to pick up a piece or two of your beautiful work to carry with me (especially as i live on the very mossy west coast).

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      @k that is what I am loving about this series – it reminds me of my favorite place on earth where everything grows on everything, and everything is alive! Thank you for your support – I hope I can make a piece for you.

  3. Lilly A says:

    The majority of the time I find something I like on etsy, or craftgawker, it is something of yours. Your work is stunning. I love the idea of wearing a bit of nature. I am planning on buying a few pieces of you jewelry, and was wondering how long the chains on your necklaces tend to be. Let me know.

    • Mr. Lentz says:

      @Lily Wow – thank you so much Lily, I love hearing that people are liking my work! The chains are usually 18 to 22 inches long depending on the piece – but if you need specific lengths you can just let me know and I can put a new one on there. Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Kirsten says:

    Evan- You are beyond talented! You are brilliant and you inspire everyone around you to create. Thank you for bringing such beauty into the world.

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