The New Craft Movement

It’s here. It’s now. It is being brought about by those enlightened few who see through the soul-less impact that computers and technology are having on our society. Our culture, our craft and our creativity is in the state of a new beginning and it all starts with one idea: Get up and go make something with your hands. It is time to put down technology and create from the imagination, attach no boundaries, speak freely through your craft. For the last one hundred and fifty years we have been slowly and carefully lead down a path of non-self-sufficiency, of un-skill, and of non-thought. Break out of it, we are creators at heart and capable of ten times what we are lead to believe. So, unplug that T.V., put that beer back in the fridge, close your internet browser and cancel your Netflix… don’t waste another minute.

Welcome to, this is the center of my brain, it is where I plan to document my journey through creative challenges, disasters and successes. I will know no limits (unless it can kill or severely injure me), I will create based solely on my own whims and fascinations, and I promise not to compromise my art for the benefit of a few or the mollification of the majority. This will be a place where I also share the artistic work of friends and family. This will be a center of monthly creative happenings and events put on by the community and at times myself.


3 thoughts on “The New Craft Movement

  1. Larry says:

    I’m so glad your doing what you do. In today’s age “american made” often just means american assembled from cheap parts made elsewhere. In such the pride has fallen and the phrase is losing its meaning. Thanks for bringing it back. Look forward to my new wallet, been waiting for years to find one that met my standards.

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